Moving account to cPanel is quite easy. This page is ment especially to Radicenter webhosting customers who are using DirectAdmin at the moment. New environment takes time to get used to, but main functions and features are the same.

Important information before moving to cPanel:

1. Domains are redirected to the cPanel server within 1 hour after moving the account.
2. For moved domains, DKIM is off by default. If you wish, you can reactivate it from cPanel (EMAIL – Authentication).

3. If you use https and you have placed the files in the private_html folder, they will be uploaded to the cPanel server, but the page will still be served from the public_html folder. If you want private_html files to be available online, you must manually re-raise them in the public_html folder either before or after transferring account.

4. SSL certificates are not automatically transferred, cPanel automatically generates free AutoSSL certificates (SECURITY – SSL / TLS Status) for all domains.

5. cPanel does not support DNSSEC. Before transfer, DNSSEC must be turned off.

6. Before transferring account, we recommend reviewing the account and deleting all unnecessary files, email addresses, MySQL users, and databases. This makes the move much faster and helps keep the cPanel server clean.

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